Additive for Low-Sulfur Diesel oil, marine Diesel distilates, Diesel machinery and fuel oil for boilers and furnaces, Residual Diesel - fuel oil

"rb bertomeu" beco F-Plus Concentrated
Codified by NATO; NSN: 6850-33-220-5360

1 liter with dispenser

5 liters

Costs less than € 0.30 for the treatment of 100 liters of Diesel oil. Taxable base price. Incoterms DPU transport cost included.

Liquid Molecular Magnesium; detergents; dispersants; corrosion inhibitors; Bactericidal and Fungicidal.

1.- OPTIMIZES combustion, improves fuel. Low Sulfur Diesel injection system lubricant, ASTM D-6079 (HFRR) / ISO 12156 standards.
2.- REDUCES soot emissions by 80%: EGR valve, intake manifold and FAP filter cleaner !! Lower maintenance frequency on valves and turbo.
3.- FUEL SAVING: 3 liters of Diesel for every 100 liters consumed. Save, on average, 3.10% of consumption.

Continuous use at each refueling:
RATIO: 1:16,600.
1 liter of additive for each 16,600 liters of Low Sulfur Diesel oil. 6 milliliters per 100 L. of Diesel oil.
RATIO: 1:13,500.
1 liter of additive for every 13,500 liters of marine, machinery Diesel oil and fuel for boilers and furnaces. 7.4 milliliters per 100 L. of Diesel

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 "rb bertomeu" beco F-Plus Concentrated
Codified by NATO; NSN: 6850-33-220-5360

The Complement (*) for the treatment of fuels for: diesel engines of all sizes, boilers, furnaces, dryers and gas turbines. Different dosages according to the composition of the fuel.


Combustion improvers and fuel stabilizers.

Decants the microdroplets of water in suspension that the fuel contains.

Bactericide, fungicide, eliminates algae and fungi. (Bulletin 15)

Keeps the fuel tank and circuit clean of rust and corrosion.

Injection system lubricant, for Low Sulfur Diesel, ASTM D-6079 (HFRR) / ISO 12156 standards.

Corrosion inhibitor in high and low temperature areas of the engine.

EFFECTS " Combustion Optimization = Ecology and savings"

Optimizes the performance of the fuel injection system.

Reduces the emission of soot and black smoke by 80%. (Bulletin 29)

Extends the life of the Diesel Particulate Filter (DFP).

Neutralizes corrosion in exhaust valves and turbochargers (Technical Document RB-8)

Reduces maintenance costs and lengthens engine life. (Technical document RB-13)

Saves fuel (Bulletin 4)

"rb  bertomeu" beco F1/ASF Concentrated

The Complement (*) to treat Residual fuel oil and Crude oil with high Vanadium and Asphaltene contents used as fuel in big Diesel engines, boilers, furnaces and gas turbines.



Molecular liquid Magnesium that inhibits corrosion (Technical document RB-8) and the inlays at the exhaust valves and tubro-compressors. Enhances the lubricity in pumps and injectors.

Carbon and asphaltene dispersant that reduces sludge (Bulletin 3) by 55%

Surfactant, which achieves better fuel atomization in the injectors.

Deemulsifier, decants the water that the fuel contains.

Bactericide and fungicide, they remove algae and fungi.

Stabilizer that slows fuel degradation.

Detergent, cleans pumps and injectors, improves combustion.

Corrosion inhibitors that protect the fuel tank and circuit from corrosion.

Reduces maintenance costs and extends the life of exhaust valves (Technical Document RB-13)

Reduces polluting emissions (Bulletin 29) by 80%.

Fuel savings (Bulletin 4) in an average of 3.1% verified in power generation plants (Customer references)

 "rb bertomeu" beco Mg Concentrated
Vanadium and Sodium corrosion inhibitor composed of liquid Magnesium soluble in hydrocarbon

The Complement (*) for the treatment of all fuels with high Vanadium and Sodium content. For all kinds of thermal machines.

Inhibitor of corrosion caused by Vanadium and Sodium in the combustion chamber, expansion turbines, exhaust valves, turbos and gas circuit. Prevents fouling on turbine blades, engine exhaust valves, turbos, and heat exchangers in boilers and furnaces. Optimizes energy efficiency.


"rb bertomeu" bewax OB
Antifreezer for Diesel oil

Antifreezer additive indicated for use with fuel distilates.


Lowers the diesel oil freezing point to -24°C


"rb  bertomeu" ECObelim Cooler

Cleaning of air coolers with strongly embedded greasy and powdery residues. It is used diluted in water. (5-10% ECObelim and 95-90% water)

Advantages of using mant products. and cleaning

"rb bertomeu" belim_CAL

Descaler to withdraw external limescale on industrial cooling towers with water. It is used diluted in water (10-20% belimCAL and 90-80% water)

"rb  bertomeu" belim F

Cleaning of filters, purifiers and metal parts in contact with fuel oil, bitumens, tars and asphalt derivatives. Very suitable for cleaning oil filters in oil baths in power plants.

(*) Definition of Complement: Something that fills up, completes, or makes better or perfect.

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