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The continuous use of the “rb bertomeu” complements/additives guarantees the reduction of polluting emissions, lower fuel consumption and lower maintenance costs..

Benefits obtained from the use of maintenance and cleaning products

We will concern ourselves with the specific products of industrial cleaning, since the advantages and benefits which the fuel oil sludge recovery agent belod R provides is evident and linked to  its use as fuel and to the decrease of the costs of sludge withdrawal, aspects already commented on in chapter 3. We would just like to emphasise here that when a lot of sludge has accumulated in the heavy fuel oil storage tanks, due to a lack of regular additive treatment, a high calorific capability has been immobilised which  at the same time is reducing the capability of fuel oil storage. In this case , the solution is the withdrawal of the sludge by a specialised company, or the gradual integration of the sludge into the normal fuel oil consumed in a plant which  has a burner (boiler , furnace ,....), with the aid of our recovery agent belod R.  The choice between both possibilities is a simple question of economy which must be solved in each case.


Cleaner  belim F

It is designed to clean parts and equipment which have fuel oil residues, tars , etc. (see characteristics sheet) . In our document "Industrial applications of the Cleaner  belim F"   it is explained , amongst other things, the application experience developed with the product to carry out washes of the oil bath air filters which  are used in cogeneration plants with diesel engines. 

·           This type of filters is difficult to clean and with our product and the adequate technique , described in the cited document , a satisfactory cleaning can be done without total disassembly of the filter, with the consequent time and labour saving .

·           To facilitate the cleaning of filters, plates of purifiers and small parts in general, we have designed a useful basket (see "Industrial applications of the Cleaner  belim F") where the pieces are cleaned by dipping and the non-soluble dirt is deposited in the bottom, whereof it can be separated by decantation. This  container, very useful for cleaning with total use of the cleaner not consumed (cleaner saving) , can be supplied on demand together with the Cleaner belim F .


Cleaner  ECObelim Cooler

Specially designed for the cleaning of air coolers in general , to whose interchange plates remain adhered solid and fat residues (contents still in the air after going through the corresponding  filter).

The flow of air to the industrial combustion system, especially if it is an engine (e.g. in a co-generation plant), is a very important parameter which should be maintained as close as possible to the optimum design value to achieve the maximum efficiency of the equipment.

The dirt encrusted in the air coolers feeding the combustion causes a gradual decrease of the circulating air flow by increasing the loss of pressure, which generates the necessity of periodic cleaning of the coolers. This is especially important in co-generation plants with engines, whether Diesel oil or Gas fuel. At this point , our Cleaner  ECObelim Cooler  provides the following clear advantages :

            Easy cleaning. Total economy

·          Its ease of use , efficiency , harmlessness and low cost favour more frequent cleaning, which maintains the optimum air flow for longer. Especially in co-generation plants with engines, where the quantity of available air is more critical than  in other type of plants , the use of our cleaner permits the programming of cleaning of the air coolers taking advantage any  plant stoppage  (maintenance , weekend , etc.), without having to wait for the equipment to show a great load loss which  is caused by lack of air.  

·          The cleaner ECObelim Cooler does not generate toxic residues for the environment , as opposed to existing cleaners on the market, which  have components which  require removal and treatment by an authorised company, something which carries with it an  important additional cost .

·          The residual liquids generated in the cleaning, can be sent to the purifier of the installation without separation from the remainder sent for purification.
Non corrosive

·          The cleaner ECObelim Cooler eliminates the disadvantages from the use of other highly caustic cleaning agents , which in the short and medium term produce corrosion somewhere in the cooler.

De-encrustant   belim CAL

Specially designed for the cleaning of the exterior parts of the coils or exchange plates of the refrigeration towers with industrial water. On the surface of the exchanger a crust of calcium salts builds up from the water used as cooling agent . This crust gradually reduces the exchange rate of the cooler and, therefore, its efficiency , which without doubt affects the efficiency and  performance of the equipment. This equipment has to be cooled to a temperature specified by the manufacturer, the loss of cooling generates the necessity of periodic cleaning, which  tends be awkward due to the typical inaccessibility of the coils or plates in this type of  operations.

 The use of the de-encrustant  belim CAL provides a series of benefits which  we show below :

·          Its ease of use , efficiency , harmlessness and low cost favour more frequent cleaning, which maintains the optimum exchange coefficient for longer.

·          The cleaner de-encrustant belim CAL, as opposed to other more aggressive cleaning/de-encrustants, is formulated to obtain acidity levels in the wash waters which  ensures  the  removal  of  the calcium salts without producing corrosion in the components of the cooler . Thanks to this controlled acidity and to the specific corrosion inhibitors which the product contains, the equipment can be cleaned with the necessary frequency (determined in each case by the hardness of the available water and the service factor of the cooler) to guarantee at all times  correct operation of the cooler .

·          As it does not contain toxic products, upon finishing the cleaning operation, the resulting liquid only has to be neutralised chemically with lime, or similar, to eliminate the residual acidity. 

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