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Antifreezer for Diesel oil

Antifreezer additive indicated for use in any type of diesel on the market.

Effect: Lowers the diesel oil freezing point to -24°C

25-liters and 5-liters HD-PE jerrycans.


It is formulated based on polymers and copolymers free of ashes and organic solvents. The active agents used, which are of a new generation, have the following effects on the diesel oil:

a)  Reduction of the obstruction temperature of the diesel oil filter, whether this is employed in internal combustion engines or heating boilers .

b) Reduction of the solidification temperature of the diesel oil, in the fuel tank or storage tank, in any type of use. 

c)  Keeps in suspension the wax or paraffin microcrystals which  are formed when the critical temperature is exceeded. With our product "rb bertomeu" bewax OB, in addition to avoiding obstructions in the filters, total or partial blockages of the suction lines of the pumps are also avoided, these blockages are due to the accumulation of paraffin solids at the bottom of the fuel tanks.

You can get more information in our Bulletin number 12: C.F.O.P. (Cold Filter Obstruction Point) TESTS ON VARIOUS AUTOMOTIVE AND HEATING GAS OILS TREATED WITH THE ANTIFREEZE ADDITIVE "rb bertomeu" bewax OB


Depending on the type of Diesel oil and of the dose used, the following Cold Filter Obstruction Points  (C.F.O.P.) are obtained approximately (Spanish diesel oil types):

                         Diesel oil      Diesel oil     Diesel oil
       Dose           Summer        Winter        Heating       

       1 x 1000      - 12ºC            - 19ºC        - 15ºC

       2 x 1000      - 16ºC            - 22ºC        - 19ºC

       3 x 1000      - 19ºC            - 23ºC        - 21ºC

       5 x 1000      - 22ºC            - 24ºC        - 23ºC

Add to the fuel tank of the vehicle before refuelling, or to the storage tank (in the Diesel oil load pipe), before the temperature drops below 3ºC.

Manufactured by "rb bertomeu" in Spain (European Union)

  rb bertomeu, SL. Manufacturer of additives for fuel oil and crude oil.

Version May 2020

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