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The belim CAL descaler is formulated specifically to eliminate calcareous encrustation (calcium carbonate) in installations of carbon steel, stainless steel, copper and their alloys, guaranteeing an energetic attack on the encrustation and correct protection of the indicated materials.

PRESENTATION  : 25-liters and 5-liters HD-PE Jerrycans.

The product is made from suitable proportions of various organic and inorganic acids and corrosion inhibitors.

It is a very suitable product to be used in cleaning the exterior of the coils and/or cooling tower plates that use water in a closed or semi-closed circuit as a cooling liquid. In these cases, or other similar industrial applications, the heat exchange surface (coils or plates) is covered with calcium carbonate precipitated by the action of heat and the increase in concentration due to the evaporation of water, despite the fact that it is used decalcified water. Over time, the heat exchange capacity decreases to levels that make cleaning the equipment absolutely necessary. However, it is advisable to carry out periodic cleaning to avoid reaching too serious levels of fouling.


The product can be used concentrated for cleaning specific zones , but it is advisable to use it diluted in water by 10 - 20 % . Maintain the solution in circulation , through pumping , for several hours until the total removal of the encrustation.

The consumption of belim CAL  will depend on of the quantity of calcium carbonate to be dissolved . The pH  of the wash liquid must be controlled (it must be always be below 4 ) to know if the acid is exhausted and cleaning solution needs adding. When finished , wash with water to eliminate the acid remaining in the equipment.

After cleaning neutralise the residual acidity of the liquid of wash with lime , or other basic products , before sending it to the station waste water purifier.

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