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All types of fuel oil produce sludge during storage, due to their composition, processes of ageing and polymerisation. This sludge contains high proportions of hydrocarbons of high molecular weight (asphaltenes, etc.) which are perfectly combustible but which become separated from the fuel oil at the bottom of the storage tank or in the fuel filtration and purification system. In both cases they are not utilised as fuel; moreover, they need to be removed and then disposed of by a specialised company. All these factors result in a loss of fuel, and in the majority of cases, the additional costs of removing and treating the sludge formed.

The treatment of fuel oil with additives from "rb bertomeu" in addition to several well-known advantages, provides a significant reduction in the usual levels of formation of sludge.The treatment should be applied to the fuel oil storage tank in order to obtain maximal efficacy of the components of the additive.

Actual results demonstrating the reduction in fuel oil sludge achieved in two cogeneration installations with Diesel engines (with a low initial level of sludge, around 8 Kg per metric ton of fuel oil), using the additive "rb bertomeu" beco F1/ASF:

MSM plant
COOSUR plant
( Deutz engines)
(Wärtsilä engines)
Achieved reduction in fuel sludge (%)
Achieved reduction of motor oil sludge (%)  
26,80 %
Achieved reduction in fuel sludge and motor oil per MT of consumed fuel oil
4,32 Kg/MT
5,80 Kg/MT

These reductions in fuel oil sludge have a decrease in the consumption of fuel oil in the plant of 0.45%. The reductions in fuel and oil sludge represent a decrease in sludge of 5.80 Kg / MT of fuel oil consumed at the plant. The previous value affects a reduction of 0.58 € / MT of fuel oil consumed due to a lower cost of sludge removal.These values are valid for both the sludge removed in land plants and for marpol maritime, at an average withdrawal price of 100 €/MT (theoretical value taken as a calculation hypothesis).


· RB-4 Analysis on the decrease in quantities of sludge deposited in the fuel oil filtration system in a co-generation plant.
· RB-5 Evolution of fuel oil sludge formation in the COOSUR co-generation [power] plant by using "rb bertomeu" additives.

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