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The  cleaner  ECObelim Cooler  is a product specifically for the cleaning of air coolers in general, and especially  for those installed in power plants, where fat residues and powder particles build up dragged by the air being cooled.

PRESENTATION : 25-liters and 5-liters HD-PE Jerrycans.

The cleaner ECObelim Cooler  contains powerful moisturising , penetrative and emulsioning agents, all BIODEGRADABLE , combined with alkaline salts non aggressive to the cooler elements, therefore guaranteeing its conservation.

-     Maximum de-encrustant and of cleaning effect.
-     No corrosion due to non chemically aggressive composition.
-     Eases environmental management of the residues , as they not contain compounds which are toxic or dangerous for the environment.
-     The dirty water obtained upon ending the cleaning operation does not contain toxic products and can be sent to the waste water purifier, following customary practices of the Environmental Management System, according to norm ISO 14001 or other internal procedures.


The cleaner ECObelim Cooler is supplied concentrated , in containers of 5 L and 25 L.

For use in the cleaning of air coolers, follow these instructions:

1-   Dilute the cleaner in water, in proportions of 5-10 %  of ECObelim Cooler and 95-90 % of water. The product can be used cold (at ambient temperature) or hot (70-90 ºC); in this last case the effect de-encrustant is accelerated. In either case the  ECObelim Cooler does not produce persistent foam.

2-   Use the diluted liquid to wash the cooler , applying it in one of these ways (for large coolers of cogeneration plants, to use one of the first two, without dismantling the cooler) :

2.1  Agitated by air compressed . Fill the cooler with liquid and apply compressed air at the base.

2.2  By pump . Prepare a container with the liquid and a pump  below the cooler . Pump the liquid toward the upper part of the cooler , the liquid will be collected by the container as it falls.

2.3  By dipping . Prepare a container with the liquid and to introduce within the cooler to clean . Agitate via a portable agitator or air or steam injection.

2.4  By immersion in an ultrasonic washing machine.

When washed rinse with water. The wash liquid can be sent to the factory purifier, once neutralised, as a normal residue free of toxic products.

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