"rb bertomeu" belim F                                        Since January 1996 

The cleaner belim F is a product specifically for cleaning filters and metallic parts which  are in contact  with Fuel oil , Bitumen, Tars , Oils and Asphalt derivatives. A very useful for cleaning oil bath air filters in cogeneration plants.

PRESENTATION  :  Metal drums of   50 liters.
                            Metal drums of 220 liters. 

It is composed of: 

a) Solvents, which cause the separation, detachment and dissolution of the particles of asphalts, coals and other solid organic residues.   ( Contains toluene ).

b) corrosion Inhibitors, which  protect the metal parts of the pieces or elements being cleaned. (The tests carried out with the cleaner on corrosion of the copper strip indicate a value of 1, i.e., no corrosion on metal parts). 

You can get more information at our Techinical Document: RB-25 Industrial applications of the cleaning agent “rb bertomeu” belim F.

USE: Apply undiluted or diluted with diesel, depending on the cleaning needs

If the piece being cleaned has very adhered and resistant residues, we advise to submerge it in a metal container with belim F , for one or two hours , to increase the efficiency of the product.

Caution :  The product dissolves or softens all type of paints and glues as well as many elastomers and plastic materials ( natural rubber, neoprene , polypropylene , PVC , etc.) , which must be taken into account by the user before cleaning pieces which contain these components.  

Below, there are some materials which are resistant to the cleaner:

 Elastomers: :   Hypalon, Viton, Teflon  (PTFE)
 Plastics       :   Nylon,  PVDF

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