less than € 0.30 for treating 100 liters of Diesel fuel

“rb bertomeu” beco F-Plus Concentrated

1 liter : dose for 16,600 liters of Diesel oil (LSD)

The best additive for Diesel fuel


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“rb bertomeu” beco F-Plus Concentrated


Triple-function additive

1.- Takes care of your engines, boilers and furnaces
2.- Reduces fuel consumption
3.- Reduces CO2 emissions and helps to decarbonize the environment

For the treatment of fuel for marine engines, machinery, boilers and furnaces



Liquid Molecular Magnesium; detergents; dispersants; corrosion inhibitors; bactericides and fungicides, demulsifiers, stabilizers and surfactants.


1.- OPTIMIZES combustion, improves fuel. Low Sulfur Diesel injection system lubricant, ASTM D-6079 (HFRR) / ISO 12156 standards.
2.- REDUCES soot emissions by 80%: EGR valve, intake manifold and FAP filter cleaner !!
Lower maintenance frequency on valves and turbos.
3.- FUEL SAVING: 3 liters of Diesel fuel for every 100 liters consumed.
Save, on average, 3.10% of consumption.


RATIO: 1: 16,600.
1 liter of additive for each 16,600 liters of Low Sulfur Diesel.
Dosage 6 milliliters per 100 L. of Diesel.
RATIO: 1: 13,500.
1 liter of additive for every 13,500 liters of marine diesel, machinery diesel and diesel for furnaces and boilers.
Dosage 7.4 milliliters per 100 L. of Diesel


Taking care of your engines, boilers and furnaces
will be very profitable to you





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Do you want to be a Distributor?​

NATIONAL / INTERNATIONAL companies, now you have the opportunity to join the “rb bertomeu” distributors network.
Offer your customers a high quality product approved by DEUTZ Motors, used in large Wärtsïla, MAN, Caterpillar, MaK engines and in Diesel engines of all brands for more than 28 years.

We can manufacture under your own brand or in a co-branding collaboration / union of brands.



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