Additive for Low-Sulfur Diesel oil, marine Diesel oil, machinery Diesel oil
and fuel for boilers and furnaces

"rb bertomeu" beco F-Plus Concentrated

Costs less than € 0.30 for the treatment of 100 liters of Diesel oil. Taxable base price.
Incoterms DPU transport cost included.

NATIONAL / INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTORS, now you have the opportunity to join the "rb bertomeu" distributors network. Offer your customers a high quality product approved by DEUTZ Engines, used in big engines like Wärtsïla, MAN, Caterpillar, MaK and in Diesel engines of all brands for more than 26 years.

We can manufacture under your own brand and also in cobranding collaboration / union of brands.

1 liter with dispenser

5 liters

The Complement (*) for the treatment for : diesel engines of all sizes, marine, machinery, boilers, furnaces, dryers and gas turbines. Different dosages according to the composition of the fuel.

New range of concentrated additives. Triple concentration of active components. Lower production, packaging and transport costs.

Liquid fuels have their specific characteristics, invariable and derived from their own nature.

Our purpose is to prepare them, by adding our specific additives, so that they can be used to the maximum in any type of combustion installation, thus collaborating in obtaining the maximum energy performance of the equipment and in reducing its operating costs.

Benefits obtained through the regular use of our additives for fuel oil, diesel and crude oil:

· Reduction of breakdowns and maintenance costs due to corrosion and scale.
· Decrease in fuel consumption per unit of energy produced, both in engines as in boilers.
· Reduction of polluting emissions in engines and boilers.
· Reduction of sludge and withrawal costs.
· Increase of the Service Factor, both due to the decrease of breakdowns and cleaning shutdowns and to the TBO increase (Time Between Overhauls).

"rb bertomeu" beco DC-Ship Concentrated

The Complement (*) to treat the RMA-10 and RMB-30 Fuel oil for marine engines.

"rb  bertomeu" beco F1/ASF Concentrated

The Complement (*) to treat Heavy Fuel oil for big engines.

Treatment for fuel oil with high contents of Vanadium and MCR-Micro Conradson Residues.

"rb bertomeu" beco F2/A Concentrated

The Complement (*) to treat Heavy Fuel oil and Crude oil for boilers, furnaces and dryers.

 "rb bertomeu" beco Mg Concentrated
Vanadium and Sodium corrosion inhibitor composed of liquid Magnesium soluble in hydrocarbon

The Complement (*) for the treatment of all fuels with high Vanadium and Sodium content. For all kinds of thermal machines.

"rb bertomeu" Mg Colloidal 28
Vanadium corrosion inhibitor and ash acidity reducer

Magnesium molecules plus nanoparticles (Techical Document RB-8)

Vanadium, Sodium and SO3 corrosion inhibitor for Heavy fuel oil and Crude oil in Gas turbines, Boilers, Furnaces and big Marine engines.

 "rb bertomeu" beco Micro Magnesium SC20
Vanadium, Sodium and SO3 corrosion inhibitor and ash acidity reducer

Concentrated suspension of Magnesium Hydroxide

Vanadium, Sodium and SO3 corrosion inhibitor and ash acidity reducer

(*) Definition of Complement: Something that fills up, completes, or makes better or perfect.

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