(Translated from original letter)


ACEITES DEL SUR  ,  COOSUR  S.A.  E23220 VILCHES – Jaén – (Spain)


Vilches  15 September 2005


Dear Sirs,

We hereby confirm that our Group of Companies, ACEITES DEL SUR-COOSUR, S.A., has an electricity generation capacity of 42MWe, using four Wärtsilä Diesel engines, model 12 V 46 B, running on heavy fuel oil.

We can also confirm that for over four years (from mid-2001 to the present) we have been treating the fuel oil with the additive “rb bertomeu” beco F1/ASF manufactured by your company. We are completely satisfied with regards to technical and economic results, and can affirm that all the initial objectives have been fulfilled in terms of the following points:

-        An average saving on fuel oil of 3.1% per KWhe produced

-        A reduction in fuel oil sludge of 65%

-        Doubled TBO for cleaning turbo-compressors, due to a reduction in accumulated deposits, with the TBO increased from 4,000 hours to 8,000 hours

-        The prevention of corrosion at high temperatures on valves and turbo-compressors


We authorise the publication of this letter for reference purposes whenever required.

Yours faithfully, 

Mr. Josu Ortuoste,
Cogeneration Plant Manager.

 [Signature and Official Stamp]