Mr. Rosendo Bertomeu, after several years working in the industrial sector, creates his own company and in 1971 registers the trademark

Industrial activities are develop satisfactorily and after a long process of Research and Development, in 1995, we presented the range of additives for liquid fuels with the brand

rb bertomeu, S.L. is a company specialized in the optimization of combustion processes. With our own R&D department, we are a manufacturer of dispersant additives and corrosion inhibitors for Vanadium and Sodium for Fuel oil, Diesel and Crude oil, which under the brand name "rb bertomeu" has been recognized by large companies after years of continued use, highlighting the approval process, which culminates in the granting of the homologation letter granted by the engine manufacturer DEUTZ-Engines.

In industrial facilities with engines, boilers and furnaces, fed by Heavy Fuel oil or Diesel oil, we are the most experienced company in the sector, with fuel treatments and performance controls on various engines.

All the plants that use our products have verified their exceptional quality and have obtained significant profits by reducing consumption, shutdowns and maintenance and cleaning costs (see. References)

We also have specific, proven, chemicals for industrial cleaning and maintenance.

Main milestones of the "rb bertomeu" brand for liquid fuels
  31/07/1995 1st customer for fuel oil additives. Ribera de l'Ebre Electric Cogeneration Plant with 4 Deutz engines of 6,360 kW each powered by Heavy fuel oil.
  18/09/1996 Reference and satisfaction letter for the use of the "rb bertomeu" additive in the power plant of Minera de Santa Marta, S.A.
  Year 1997 II International Exhibition of Cogeneration in Madrid. Presentation stand for "rb bertomeu" additives for liquid fuels.
  01/02/1999 Letter showing the good results after using the "rb bertomeu" beco F1/ASF additive at the power plant of Calvo Energia S.A.
  14/12/1999  Homologation letter and aproval procedure used to get the "rb bertomeu" beco F1/ASF additive homologation by the engine manufacturer Deutz.
  Year 2000 Start of internationalization. Currently, "rb bertomeu" additives are distributed to the five continents.
  April 2002 Great success in duplicating exhaust valves TBO
  Year 2006 Construction of the new manufacturing and storage plant for "rb bertomeu" in Fraga (Huesca) Spain.
  Year 2012 The government of Aragon (Spain) grants the Integrated Environmental Authorization (text in Spanish) to our manufacturing and storage plant in Fraga (Huesca) Spain.
  16/06/2015 Letter of the results of the use of the additive "rb bertomeu" beco F1/ASF over 74,000 hours of operation in the plant of EnergyWorks-Carballo.
  Year 2018 Presentation of the range of concentrated additives. Triple concentration of active components. Lower production, packaging and transport costs. Results: 50% cheaper fuel treatment cost.
  Year 2019 "rb bertomeu" Mg Coloidal, colloidal inhibitor of Vanadium Sodium and SO3 corrosion,composed by Magnesium molecules and nanoparticles.
  Year 2021 50th anniversary.

All these achievements are endorsed by our customers and by Deutz Engines, without whose trust and collaboration in the control of results it would not have been possible to quantify them.

We want to thank them for their trust during all these years, which allows us to celebrate the 50th anniversary and we want to continue offering you our services for many years to come.

January 2021

rb bertomeu, S.L.

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