These controls were carried out in cogeneration plants , though some of them could also be applied to other types of installation if necessary. For more information , see our document The Total Additive Service of the fuel oil in co-generation plants with diesel engines .

      As more important controls, included within the general control of an installation , we can stress the following :

Quality Control of the fuel and of the real dosage of additive. This allows a follow-up of the quality of fuel received , to evaluate the working of the fuel purifiers , to control the level of additive used and to analyse the hypothetical anomalies of operation of the plant which could be related to the fuel.  

Comparative control of encrustation and corrosion in the exhaust gases circuit, mainly exhaust valves and turbos of the engines. This is carried out co-operatively with the maintenance team , taking advantage the programmed inspections . Generally , this type of control is carried out with regard to anomalous corrosion situations or heavy encrustation, and to compare with greater precision the results obtained upon initiating the addition of our products. If it is necessary and the encrustation is anomalous , a chemical analysis is carried out to identify the cause.  

Photographic reports of the exhaust valves . collected in dossiers, where the type of corrosion found in the valves is appraised with greater accuracy identified by their position in the engine.

Compiling of a general Control Dossier, where the data of specific monthly consumption in the plant (always data given by our clients) are noted, as well as the results of the analysis of the fuel, results of the valve inspections , residue analysis , relevant incidences , etc.  The Dossier is updated monthly and is sent to the corresponding plant.


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