The gases emitted by an industrial combustion installation should be analysed with relative frequency , from the point of view of the operation of the installation ( optimum parameters , power , energy efficiency , etc.) , as well as compliance with the legal requirements in pollution issues .

      Our company has portable appliances for specific measurements , equipped with sensors to determine the most important parameters, which can carry out measurements in chimneys or corresponding conduits and with the timing required in each case , generally monthly or bimonthly .

      In relation to the administrative control of the pollution issues , those which can carry fines or force the closure of the installation , we can help through specific measurements so the plant knows its regular emission level before being tested by the Administration through the corresponding Department.

      The customary given parameters in the emitted gases are :

- %  O 2

- %  CO 2

- Excess air 

- Temperature and Pressure

- mg/Nm3   of  CO

- mg/Nm3   of  NO

- mg/Nm3   of  NO 2

- mg/Nm3   of  NOx

- mg/Nm3   of  SO 2  max. ,   determined by calculation from 

      the sulphur analysis of the fuel, because of  the low reliability 

      of the instant measurement with electrochemical sensors.

      The data are always referred to the content of legal O2 in the emitted gases, depending on the existing legislation in each governmental area for the analysis of combustion installations.

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