(Translated from original letter)

COGENERACIÓN BAÑERES                        E03450 BAÑERES – Alicante - Spain

Bañeres 18th January 1989

Dear Sir,

Per your request, we certify that we have been using for several years your fuel oil additives and your techinical services with excellent results in our power plant, which has a 4,900 MWa engine burning fuel oil No. 1 and that has surpassed the 36,000 working hours.

We also state that, as you already know, we have made several tests with other brand's fuel oil additives, with less satisfying results, especially preventing corrosion of engine exhaust valves.

Comparing the periods where we have not been using "rb bertomeu" additives, we highlight the following improvements that the "rb bertomeu" beco F1/ASF treatment delivers:

A) Reduction in fuel oil consumption by 0.5% aproximately per produced KWh.

B) Reduction of +20% in the ammount of fuel oil sludge found in the purifier. The total reduction of sludge, considering the ones accumulated in the storage tank, is much higher, and although we do not have exact data, we evaluate the total reduction in about 35 or 40%.

C) Excellent results in reduction of corrosion in the engine's exhaust valves, which reduces the ammount of replaced valve spindles and valve baskets to a very low figure.

D) Less ammount of solid sludge in the valves, exhaust pipes and turbos, which almost eliminates the need of cleaning tasks in order to keep the right flow of inlet air necessary for the combustion.

All the above is certified per your request and as a follow-up of our October-1996 letter. We authorise the use of the present letter for reference purposes.