(Translated from original letter)

CCOGENERACIÓN BAÑERES                        E03450 BAÑERES – Alicante - Spain

Bañeres 15th January 2001

Dear Sir,

As owners of the installation "COGENERACION BAÑERES S.L" which is located in Bañeres de Mariola (Alicante), we certifie that fuel oil has been used with the "rb bertomeu" additive beco F1 / ASF in our plant for exactly 5 years.

We confirm our evaluations, which were included in our letters of October - 1996 and of January - 1999, that we are fully satisfied with the results obtained from the use of this additive, even after carrying out tests with other fuel  oil additives on the market.

Recently, the engine of our plant, DEUTZ MWM type PV 640.12 M, with a power of 4,9 MWe, reached 50,000 operation hours during which there has been a very low level of corrosion in the exhaust valves and a corrosion level of practically nil in the inlet valves and in the turbo.

About the process, again we emphasise the reduction of fuel oil sludge (about 50%) and the consumption saving per kWh produced (nearly 1%), which we obtained by using the additive "rb bertomeu" beco F1/ASF, which added to the maintenance saving due to lack of corrosion, justifies economically, according to our evaluations, the treatment that we apply to the fuel oil.

As in previous occasions, we authorise the use of the present letter for reference purposes.