"rb bertomeu" belod R Recovery Agent      Since January 1996    



PRESENTATION  :  Metal drums of 220 litres .



The fuel oil sludge recovery agent  belod R , is composed of a mixture of:


a) Dispersants, which  cause the uniform separation of the existing particles of asphalts, coals and other solids which the heavy fuel oil contains, and which form the sludge.

b) Corrosion inhibitors, which  protect the metal parts of the fuel circuits.

c)   Detergents, which reduce the formation of carbonous deposits and flow loss in the injectors when the sludge is mixed with fuel oil, and maintain an excellent pulverisation.

d)  Surfactants, which  reduce the surface tension of the fuel and achieve better pulverisation (a fundamental factor to achieve good combustion).

e) De-emulsioners, which facilitates the de-emulsification of the water, which  can be easily separated before mixing with the normal fuel.

f) Solvents, which  work as an exicipient to the active agents, in addition to facilitating the solution of the sludge with the heavy fuel oil.


With the adequate addition of the recovery agent rb bertomeubelod R, a situation is achieved where the fuel sludge oil can be mixed with the normal heavy fuel oil and used, in reasonable proportions, as fuel. The addition, as well as the recovery procedure, must be studied in each case , depending on the state and consistency of the sludge and the normal fuel oil consumption in the installation where the recovery of the sludge is desired.


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