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The continuous use of the “rb bertomeu” complements/additives guarantees the reduction of polluting emissions, lower fuel consumption and lower maintenance costs..
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"rb bertomeu” beco Mg Concentrated

Vanadium and Sodium corrosion inhibitor, composed of liquid Magnesium soluble in hydrocarbons
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The Complement* for the treatment of all fuels with high Vanadium and Sodium content. For all kinds of thermal machines.

Inhibitor of corrosion caused by Vanadium and Sodium in the combustion chamber, expansion turbines, exhaust valves, turbos and gas circuit. Prevents fouling on turbine blades, engine exhaust valves, turbos, and heat exchangers in boilers and furnaces. Optimizes energy efficiency.

During the combustion, the SOLUBLE molecular Magnesium of the "rb bertomeu" beco Mg Concentrated additive reacts with Vanadium Oxides, forming Magnesium Vanadates with high melting points (above 1,200 ºC), solid and non-corrosive at the gas internal temperature in gas turbines, engines, boilers and furnaces. They are carried along by the current of combustion gases without being deposited in the circuit. V2O5 (Vanadium pentoxide) is neutralized, obtaining alkaline-earth vanadates with a high melting point, at the same moment of combustion, thus eliminating corrosion and incrustations and also eliminating the appearance of sodium vanadates of low-point of fusion.

The action of fixing heavy metals (Vanadium) also translates into a decrease in the oxidation of SO2 to SO3 (formed from sulfur in fuel oil), by minimizing its catalytic action on the reaction. As a consequence, the formation of sodium sulfate (Na2SO4) which melts at 888ºC is reduced.



Organic Magnesium salts of fatty acids (molecules-trade secret) soluble in hydrocarbons.

a) URV-AMIC report on the size of the molecules of the “rb bertomeu” beco Mg Concentrated (Technical document RB-31)

b) NANOMOL report on the absence of Magnesium particles (only molecules) (Technical Document RB-33)

Organic solvents with a flash point > 65 ºC (C.C.).

You can read more about this topic at our technical document:
RB-8 Additives “rb bertomeu” vs corrosion due to Vanadium and Sodium from heavy fuel oil or crude oil

Doses are variable depending on the Vanadium and Sodium content in the fuel and the combustion machinery. We can send you a report without any obligation from your side and completely confidential if you provide us with information about the facility (boiler, engine, gas turbine, etc.), fuel consumption in MT and its chemical analysis.

In the fuel’s feed pipeline through a metering pump.

HD-PE IBC with 900 Kg, metal drum with 208 Kg, HD-PE Jerrycan with 22.5 Kg.

Catalogued as NON-hazardous for ADR/RID, ADN, IMDG and IATA transportation.
Catalogued as NON-hazardous for the environment.

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Manufactured by “rb bertomeu” in Spain (European Union).

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rb bertomeu, SL. Since 1995, manufacturer of additives for Heavy Fuel Oil, Diesel Oil and Crude Oil.

Version January 2020

(*) Definition of Complement: Something that fills up, completes, or makes better or perfect.

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