"rb bertomeu" beco FL9 


The additive "rb bertomeu" beco FL9 is formulated to be used in boilers and furnaces that burn any kind of heavy fuel oil.


Fluidifier. Saves fuel and reduces unburned fuel. Decants water. Includes biocides.   Reduces sludge. Keeps the filters clean. Reduces the emission of unburned fuel.


PRESENTATION :   Metal drums of 200 litres .

                            Pallet 4 x 200 liters.

This additive is composed of different proportions of the following active agents:


a) De-emulsioners, which accelerate the speed of separation of the water, to the bottom of the storage tank, for ease of removal.

b) Stabilisers, which detain the ageing and normal degradation of the fuel , and avoid the increase in sediments by increasing the size of the small particles in suspension.

c) Dispersants, which  cause the uniform separation of particles of asphalts, coals and other solids which the fuel - oil contains, minimising sludge formation .

d) Biocides, which help maintaining the integrity of fuels, preventing the bacterial and fungal contamination in the storage tanks.

e) Corrosion inhibitors, which  protect the metal parts of the fuel circuits.

f) Detergents, which reduce the formation of carbonous deposits and flow loss in the injectors, and maintain an excellent pulverisation.

g) Surfactants, which  reduce the surface tension of the fuel and achieve better pulverisation (a fundamental factor to achieve good combustion).

h) Organic  solvents , which  serve as excipient to the formulation .


DOSAGE :   The dose is variable in function to the quality of the fuel oil.


INJECTION POINT :   In ordrer to obtain a perfect dissolution, the injection must take place at the entry pipeline to the storage tank, at the same time when the fuel oil storage tank is filled up. However, if necessary, it can also be injected into the entry pipeline to the daily tank but, in this case, dispersants will have less time to act.