THE PROVEN SOLUTION : Additive “rb bertomeu” beco F1/ASF



No other manufacturer of fuel additives can provide the same experience and positive results obtained in Cogeneration Plants with Diesel engines running on fuel oil, as rb bertomeu S.L. can demonstrate, in the field of neutralizing CORROSION on turbos and valves. In addition to the economic benefits provided, such as reduction of fuel sludge, reduction in fuel consumption, reduction in pollutant emissions, less cleaning of circuits required, the absence of corrosion on boilers (gases side) and maintaining the boiler heat-exchange coefficient, the use of our patented additive
“rb bertomeu” beco F1/ASF  designed for fuel oil in Diesel Engines (Cogeneration Plants or Marine engines) reduces corrosion to such a degree, that THE COST OF ADDITIVE TREATMENT IS FULLY OFFSET AND EXCEEDED BY THE SAVINGS ON MAINTENANCE COSTS ALONE:


·         It has been demonstrated that the working life of TURBOS is DOUBLED and in engines where our additive is used, they have reached 40,000 hours in operation without the need for replacement. The BLADES, CROWNS and CASINGS, are protected from corrosion, as our additive “rb bertomeu” beco F1/ASF eliminates the corrosive compounds formed during combustion of fuel oil.

·         It has been amply proven that with the reduction of corrosion on VALVES the working life of valves is TRIPLED and the time between overhauls (TBO) can be DOUBLED. In overhauls on valves, the mechanical rectification of the valve seats are superficial, when our additive is used, to the extent that the valves can be re-used 4 to 6 times, whereas where it is not used, deep rectification is required, allowing them to be re-used only once or twice at the most.

·        All the above is of GREAT ECONOMIC SIGNIFICANCE and is perfectly VERIFIABLE, by consulting the information contained in our web-site, or by visiting our customers.


In our website, we give a thorough explanation of the serious problem of CORROSION during operation in Diesel engines of Cogeneration Plants (especially in those running on fuel oil), which manifests itself on the TURBOS and VALVES as the most important points of the installations, causing high maintenance costs in replacement components and reduction in the time in service of the plants.


There is also a detailed explanation of the causes of these effects of corrosion and the solution to these problems using the fuel additive treatment with the specially formulated additive “rb bertomeu” beco F1/ASF with its all-round active formula, with results verified in over 500,000 hours of controlled operation in a large number of engines, by the reference letters from customers corroborating the positive results obtained and by the Authorisation letter that Deutz-Engines has conferred on our product. The loyalty shown by our customers over many years, basically  industries that are technically advanced and always choose the best, is undoubtedly our greatest satisfaction and the best proof of the extraordinary quality of our additives.

Our company is 100% Spanish-owned, with its own design and production facilities, and we guarantee the results in anti-corrosion and will give you constant advice and support through the Technical Department on questions relating to combustion, analysis of exhaust gases and equipment for applying the additive treatment.


In order to NEUTRALISE CORROSION ON THE VALVES AND TURBOS OF DIESEL ENGINES running on fuel oil, have no doubt about it, USE OUR ADDITIVE “rb bertomeu” beco F1/ASF: you will be using the best anti-corrosion treatment available and will obtain SIGNIFICANT ECONOMIC PROFITS as you can read in our Study of Profitability.


NO-ONE can demonstrate the same ANTI-CORROSION effect that rb bertomeu S.L. can demonstrate in Power Plants with Diesel engines.

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