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 Documents and Technical studies by "rb bertomeu"

RB-1 Profitability study in power plants after using additive “rb bertomeu” beco F1/ASF in Diesel engines running on crude oil and heavy fuel oil.

RB-2 Savings after using the "rb bertomeu" beco F1/ASF additive for heavy fuel oil. Description and normal verification time periods.

RB-3 Reduced fuel oil consumption in power plants with Diesel engines using the “rb bertomeu” beco F1/ASF additive

RB-4 Analysis of the deposited sludge decrease in the fuel oil filtration system in a power plant.

RB-5 Evolution of fuel oil sludge formation at the Coosur power plant (Aceites Coosur S.A. – Spain) after using “rb bertomeu” additives

RB-6 Tests of fueloil additive performed at the Gallega de Cogen power plant.

RB-7 Fuel oil and its corrosive effects in the industrial combustion.

RB-8 Additives “rb bertomeu” vs corrosion due to Vanadium and Sodium from heavy fuel oil or crude oil

RB-9 Incrustations in fuel oil steam boilers .

RB-10 Additive for heavy fuel oil is not "just another cost”. The additive item should be included in the budget as an essential spending..

RB-11 Corrosion on turbo-compressors

RB-12 Magnesium as a solution for the corrosion problems derived from the combustion of crude oil and heavy fuel oil

RB-13 Energyworks- Carballo extension of the exhaust valves lifespan up to doubling the TBO

RB-14 EWCAR - Photographic report of all the exhaust valves overhauls

RB-15 Notes on the causes of corrosion and solutions using fuel oil treated with “rb bertomeu” beco F1/ASF. Corrosion on valves, turbos and boilers of diesel engines running on heavy fuel oil in power plants.

RB-16 Corrosion on turbos and valves in big diesel engines running on heavy fuel oil. The proven solution: Additive “rb bertomeu” beco F1/ASF

RB-17 Summarized study of monitoring and corrosion reduction on exhaust valves in Deutz engines, conducted by rb bertomeu S.L.

RB-18 Comparative study of the diesel oil and fuel oil problems in diesel engines

RB-20 Tests with fuel oil with a high content in Vanadium (210-250 ppm) in engines at the Minera de Santa Marta power plant)

RB-21 Factors to consider when using low-sulphur fuel oil in power plants with Diesel engines.

RB-22 Analysis of the influence of the type of fuel oil on corrosion and residues on exhaust valves in engines at the Minera de Santa Marta power plant (location: Belorado, Burgos, Spain) (Light fuel oil and Heavy fuel oil)

RB-23 Action of “rb bertomeu” F-Plus Concentrated and "rb bertomeu" beco DC-Ship Concentrated additive on the condensation water in tanks & vessels and on the water of diesel oil

RB-24 The additive “rb bertomeu” beco F1/ASF and the increment of the useful lifespan of refurbished exhaust valves in diesel engines using heavy fuel oil.

RB-25 Industrial applications of the cleaning agent “rb bertomeu” belim F.

RB-26 Corrosion in the gas circuit due to Vanadium compounds.

RB-27 Actions of the fuel oil addtivies “rb bertomeu”

RB-28 Soluble Mg (molecules) vs Corrosion in engines

RB-31 Report from the University Rovira i Virgili URV - AMIC on the "rb bertomeu" beco Mg Concentrated molecule's size.

RB-33 Report from Nanomol on the absence of Magnesium particles (only molecules) present in the "rb bertomeu" beco Mg Concentrated additive.

RB-100 Procedimiento de homologación del fabricante de motores Deutz del aditivo "rb bertomeu" beco F1/ASF

RB DOC-013E Historical study on the maintenance of the exhaust valves in the Deutz engines installed at the MINERA DE SANTA MARTA (MSM) power plant.


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