In industrial installations running on heavy/light fuel oil or Diesel fuel, selecting the dosing system for the additive is as important as selecting the type of additive to be used, in response to the problems experienced and the objectives for improvement.

Regardless of whether the fuel is treated with additive at the fuel line into the storage tank, at the fuel line for consumption, or at the line entering an intermediate tank, the additive treatment should be always be carried out using a dosingpump with regulated flow.This ensures the two basic premises that allow the additive to work at maximal efficiency and minimal cost:

  • Adjustment of the ratio of Additive : Fuel, to ensure sufficient quantities of active ingredients and to avoid an unnecessary excess consumption of additive.
  • Homogenisation of the Additive – Fuel solution to ensure that the active agent of the additive reaches all the fuel in storage or consumed, preventing masses with excessive or insufficient additive treatment.

Manual application of the additive to industrial fuel tanks, whether performed before, during, or after filling, are not compatible with at least the second of the above two premises.

Normally, the dosing pump should work in connection with fuel transfer pumps (i.e., discharge pumps, pumps supplying intermediate tanks, pumps supplying consumption) in order to prevent ‘lapses’ that are difficult to rectify afterwards.

The type of dosing pump recommended by the supplier of the additive should be used. In industrial installations, for dosing the additives from “rb  bertomeu”, we recommend (and supply on request) medium-pressure (up to 8 Kg/cm2) piston pumps, which provide highly reliable dosing in continuous operation, in our opinion. The document detailed below shows an example diagram of an installation for dosing additives from a drum in which additive is applied to the fuel oil at the discharge line from tanker lorries to the general storage tanks.

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