For  more  information  on  the  saving  concepts  marked  in  point  (2),  consult  the  "DOSSIER rb from
rb bertomeu S.L. ,
which covers the important points related to the additive treatment of the fuel oil and the benefits obtained, however, we offer brief details below:

a)     The Fuel  additive "rb bertomeu" beco F1/ASF or beco DC  must be added to the fuel storage tank so that the active agents that the additive contains have sufficient time to work and all the expected economic benefits can be achieved.

b)     The main actions of the additive are
-De-emulsion and decantation of the water in the Fuel.
-Disintegration and maintaining in suspension of heavy hydrocarbons.
-Avoidance of ageing and sludge formation by polymerisation.
-Cleaning of the Fuel circuits.
-Reduction of the opening frequency of the Fuel oil purifier.
-Improved combustion, efficiency and reduction of unburned fuel.
-Avoidance of the formation of liquid vanadiums, which are corrosive , and  reduction of corrosion in valves and turbos.
-Minimisation of the oxidation of  S02 to S03 , which reduces the corrosion in cold zones of the exhaust gas circuit.
-Reduction of residual deposits in the exhaust gas circuit, especially in the pipes of  steam boilers associated with these plants.

c)        The economic benefits derived from these actions are mainly appraised in point 2-  of this study:

                       -    Reduction of Fuel-oil sludge volume and consequent handling costs per Tm of fuel.
    -    Reduction of fuel consumption per  kWhe manufactured.
    -    Saving in material and maintenance of exhaust valves and turbos. The useful
          life of the exhaust valves , which is normally from 12,000 to 18,000 hours
          depending on the type of motor, is practically doubled.

-    Increased electrical production because of increased service factor due to the
          the reduction of stoppages for breakdowns and cleaning, and a possible increase
          in the TBO of between 50% and 100%.

-    Improvement of boiler efficiency preserving the rate of heat transmission due to the
          reduction of encrustation in pipes.

d)   The additive "rb bertomeu" beco F1/ASF, is APPROVED by the engine manufacturer DEUTZ - Engines . The approval letter was obtained after several years of exhaustive controls in cogeneration plants.

e)   A large number of clients , among them some of the most important Cogeneration Plants in Spain, certify the quality of the additive, and the benefits acquired, in their Reference Letters. Direct contact with the companies that endorse us can help to clear up doubts.

f)    rb bertomeu S.L., with a desire to offer the best and most responsible service, provides a LETTER OF GUARANTEE with all the supply contracts of the additive to power plants, in which we take responsibility for any hypothetical damage that the use of the additive could cause in the motor. To this end, we have taken out a civil liability insurance policy.

For more detailed information about  saving in fuel consumption, corrosion reduction in valves and turbos and increasing in normal TBO , see the letters of reference, as well as several studyes included in this website.