(Translated from original letter)

PAQUITO                              E15930 BOIRO – La Coruña – (Spain)

Boiro, 15th January 2001.

Dear Sir, 

In reply to your request we are pleased to certify that for more than 2 years (precisely since December of 1998) we have been using "rb bertomeu" additives for fuel oil beco Fl/ASF in our Cogeneration Plant at Boiro, with total satisfaction with respect to the initially expected results, technical as well as economic.

Our Plant is equipped with a Diesel fuel oil Deutz MWM engine, type TBD 654 L9, and from its implementation we began the use of the additive beco F1/ASF. During this time we have verified the practical absence of blows and corrosion in exhaust valves and turbos, which we know happens with frequency in other similar plants that use a fuel  oil of similar or equal quality.

In addition to the absence of corrosion, it has provided us with a notable economic saving above what was anticipated, we have also noted the following data on initially expected valuations:

·     Very low volume of generated fuel  oil sludge. There has only been an average of 2 Kg. of sludge per Tm of fuel  oil consumed , collected in the fuel purifier , with no decanting of sludge in the general fuel  oil storage tank.

·     Lower fuel consumption per kWhe produced (194 g / kWhe), which we think is due, in part, to an optimum combustion and to the better use of the fuel oil contained in the (not removed) sludge, both by effect of the additive used.

·     Absence of corrosion in the inlet valves of the engines.

·     A very low need to clean the fuel oil circuits and purifiers.

·        Greatly decreased residues in the exhaust valves, turbos, gas collectors, etc., which in practice reduces theoretical cleaning necessities, raises the service factor of the Plant and provides a more stable engine operation maintaining a more constant flow of combustion air.

·      Absence of black smoke due to incorrect combustion and a very low level of CO, which means a reduction of pollution and fuel consumption with normally higher values.

Also, we can also express our satisfaction with the Technical Service that has been provided for us, mainly for the periodic analysis of exhaust gases of the engines, which we consider as a great help to evaluate the operating conditions and the level of emission of contaminant gases check by the authorities.

We authorise the use of this letter for reference purposes.