(Translated from original letter)

MSM , MINERA SANTA MARTA , S.A.                E09250 BELORADO – Burgos – (Spain)


Belorado, 18th Septembert 1996


Dear Sir,

In reply to your request, we are pleased to express the high degree of satisfaction in our factory by the use of your "RB Bertomeu" additive in our power plant in Belorado, where we use fuel num. 1 Bia.

We would like to highlight:

-    Total absence of corrosion in the exhaust valves

-    Reduction of sludge or combustion residues in exhaust valves and turbo

-    Reduced need for cleaning the sewage

-    Greater ease of cleaning the sewage

Also, we would also like to express our satisfaction with the Technical Service that delivered.


We authorise the use of this letter for reference purposes.



Juan Antono Cejalvo

Factory director