(Translated from original letter)

D.D.R.  S.L.                           E15930 BOIRO – La Coruña – (Spain)

4 May 2002

rb bertomeu S.A.
C/ Templers, 7
25002 Lleida

Dear Sirs,

D.D.R. (the initials in Spanish for Refinery, Distillation and Recycling) is a co-generation plant belonging to the JEALSA-RIANXEIRA Group. We have a Wartsila 12 V 46 B engine installed, producing 9.9 Mwe. The fuel used is F.O. No. 1, treated from the outset with the additive "rb bertomeu" beco F1/ASF.

The plant became operational in February 2001, and has currently completed 5,500 hours in operation. Two inspections have been performed, in alternate phases, the first at 2,000 hours and the second at 4,500 hours, in which we have observed the following:

- The operational parameters of the turbine compressors remain constant, the supercharger pressure has maintained 2.7 bar, with 16,850 r.p.m. Data show that the manifold is free of soot incrustations. Therefore, we do not foresee the need to intervene before a further 5,000 hours in operation have elapsed.

- In the case of the exhaust valves that have been removed, we have observed the good condition of valve seats, valve baskets and valve shafts. There was a complete absence of corrosion.

- The cylinder head seats and the piston heads show a low level of soot incrustation and corrosion.

- The specific fuel consumption equals 200g / kWh(e).

- Cleaning is performed on double filters in the Fuel Booster module every 300 hours.

- There is a low level of sludge in the fuel purification unit. Removal and cleaning are carried out every 1,000 hours. The C.I.P. unit has intermediate maintenance.

- In the lubricating oil there is a significantly reduced level of pernicious metallic particles originating from the fuel used (e.g. sodium, vanadium, and nickel).

I hereby certify and authorise this information to be used as appropriate. Yours faithfully,

Marcos Puentes Paz
(Graduate in Naval Engineering)
 Plant Manager.