(Translated from original letter)

COREN – Cogeneración             E32003 ORENSE – (Spain)

20 Nov 2001

rb bertomeu S.A.
C/ Templers, 7
25002 Lleida

Dear Sirs,

In replay your request we are pleased to certify that we have been using your heavy fuel oil additive
beco F1/ASF in our Co-generation [power] plant "San Cibrao" , located in the Industrial Area of San Cibran de Viñas (Orense), with total satisfaction regardinf the expected benefits , economics and thecnics.

Our plant is equiped with an engine CATERPILLAR 3616 type , running on heavy fuel oil, with a power output of 3,440 kWe , and, during the first years of service, we have been carried out the maintenance operations recommended by the engine maker. The fue consumption has been kept in the high part of the indicated normal range.

Since we start the use of the mentioned additive, just before total dismounting of engine and turbos when where observed some solid encrustation in turbos, some damaged injectors and pumps due to the effect of fuel and some exhaust valves blowed out by the effect of corrosion, we have been noted that :

We have improved the fuel consumption , due to reduction of fuel sludge and better fuel combustion.

Improvement in the exhaust gas temperature , due to the previous effect of optimal combustion.

Absence of black smoke due to bad combustion and low level of CO in exhaust gases , which means an environment pollution reduction and also a reduction in fuel consumption if comparing with the values normally higher.

Also we would like our satisfaction with the Thecnical Service that offer , specially regarding the gas exhaust analisys , which help us on the plant operation control .

Yours faithfully,

Signed : Benito Vicente Goyás
             Co-generation [power] Plant Manager.