(Translated from original letter)

PAQUITO                              E15930 BOIRO – La Coruña – (Spain)

Boiro, February 2nd 2012.

Dear Sir, 

In reply to your request we are pleased to certify that we have been using in our company equiped with a Deutz TBD 645 engine, your fuel oil additive beco F1/ASF, during 13 years, with the exception of some short periods of time in order to check its effectiveness, with the following results:

·               Generates a 35% increase of the valves' period of time between scheduled maintenance.

·               Decreases 25% in sludge generation in the depuration process.

·               Generates a fuel oil consumption savings, verified during the supervision periods, of about 2.5%.

·               We have verified a lower presence of waste both in the exhaust valves as in the turbocompressors's nozzles ring.

·               We can indeed note that during the 13 years when the engine was operated, only 2 valves shown blow-ups and both of them during the product's supervision period [when the additive wasn't being used]

We authorise the use of this letter for reference purposes.