(Translation of the original letter)



June17th 2015

Dear Sir,

The MYTA - Mineria y Tecnologia de Arcillas power plant was inaugurated in April 1996. It had 2 Deutz MWM TBD G45 Z9 engines, which delivered 3.5 MWhe each one and used fuel oil Bia as fuel.

Corrosion problems in the exhaust valves were detected and in September 1997 we started to additivate the fuel oil with the produts that "rb bertomeu" provided us with, almost completely disappairing the corrosion problems and sludge incrustation in the exhaust valves, until Agost 2014, when the plant was dismantled.

In the past, we certificated theese facts in several letters and we do it again, now that the plant's life has ended. 

PD: We authorise the exhibition of this letter as industrial reference.