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"rb bertomeu” Mg Colloidal
Since 2019
Vanadium, Sodium and SO3 corrosion inhibitor
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Vanadium, Sodium and SO3 corrosion inhibitor for Heavy fuel oil and Crude oil in Gas Turbines, Boilers, Furnaces and big Marine engines.

It neutralizes the inlays and corrosions caused by Vanadium, Sodium, SO3 and reduces the acidity of the ashes.

The "rb bertomeu" Mg Coloidal additive contains Magnesium molecules (Technical Document RB-8) of 72 picometers (pm: 10-12 meters), with surface area of 1,800 m2/gram soluble in fuel, plus nanoparticles of [MgO or Mg(OH)2] of <100 nanometers (nm: 10-9 meters) with surface area of 400 m2/gram and organic solvents in colloidal dispersion.

The Magnesium molecules totally react with Vanadium and Sodium, they doesn't produce residues or ashes and they doesn't leave incrustations at the gas circuit.
The Magnesium Oxide or Hydroxide particles, smaller than 100 nanometers, are 1000 times smaller and ar more reactive than the <2 microns particles.

Soluble in Heavy fuel oil and Crude oil. For boilers, furnaces, gas turbines and big engines.

To prevent slag, deposits, inlays and corrosions caused by Vanadium, Sodium, and Sulphur and to reduce the ashes’ acidity.

It neutralizes corrosion at the combustion chamber and in the high and low temperature circuit. It inhibits the consistent and hard slags formed at the combustion chamber and inlays at the high-temperature gas areas.
It transforms slags, deposits and inlays into fine, inconsistent residues that are easily removed by blowing and in scheduled maintenance.
Increases the ashes’ pH.


Magnesium contents in weight 28% Mg Wt/Wt
Magnesium molecules size 100% of 72 pm
MgO or Mg(OH)2 particles size 99,9% < 100 nm
Physical state Líquid soluble in hydrocarbons
Solubility in Heavy fuel oil and crude oil Soluble
Solubility in water Insoluble
Characteristic odor Mild hydrocarbon odor
Pour point (°C) < -18
Density at 15°C 1270 – 1290 Kg/m3
Viscosity at 25°C < 150 cSt

INJECTION POINT : The addition must take place in the inlet pipe to the storage tank using a metering pump.

DOSE: According to Vanadium, Sodium and Sulphur contents in the fuel and according to the thermal machine. If you have any technical or commercial question, please fill-in and send this form. Please also use it if you want us to help you to establish the recommended dose.

1000-liters HD-PE IBC. 220-litrers metal drums with 4 drums per pallet.

Catalogued as NON-hazardous for ADR/RID, ADN, IMDG and IATA transportation.
Catalogued as NON-hazardous for the environment.

Manufactured by “rb bertomeu” in Spain (European Union).

rb bertomeu, SL. Since 1995, manufacturer of additives for Heavy Fuel Oil, Gas Oil and Crude Oil.

Version May 2020

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