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One of the challenges posed by a combustion process, when using an additive to improve the performance of the fuel employed, is to verify these improvements and evaluate the resultant financial benefits. Although desirable, it is not always possible to carry out all the necessary monitoring processes within a single controlled test.Therefore, each test programme requires well-defined objectives, as well as precise planning and performance of the tests.

An example (not exhaustive) may be consulted of verification tests that our clients in Spain have carried out on the efficacy of the additives from “rb bertomeu” for fuel oil and Diesel fuel, directly or in collaboration with our company. We would refer you to the report on the tests on treatment of heavy fuel oil with the additive “rb bertomeu” beco F1/ASF that were planned and performed in recent years in conjunction with a Cogeneration Plant comprising two Diesel engines.

These tests, performed over a period of five months, are noteworthy for the methodology employed (adapted for the scope allowed by the Plant in the year 1997) and the positive results obtained in relation to the expected objectives of verification when treatment with this particular additive commenced (despite using Heavy Fuel oil with 2.7% sulphur in substitution for low sulphur Heavy Fuel oil, with less than 1.0% sulphur, used before the test) : 

  • Saving on fuel per KWhe produced.
  • Maintaining the Service Factor despite using lower quality of Heavy Fuel oil.
  • Reduction in corrosion on exhaust valves (Valve cones and Valve baskests), analysing two consecutive general overhauls.

 When planning the execution of tests to monitor the efficacy of the additive treatment, each installation should use monitoring procedures that, in the opinion of the technical personnel, allow valid comparative results to be obtained.

For further information on this topic, consult the following document:



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