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Dispersant and Vanadium and Sodium corrosion inhibitor


Additive that must be added to the diesel oil in order to optimize the combustion and to reduce maintenance costs in diesel engines, either power generator, marine or machinery engines.  

Effects: Saves fuel. Reduces pollution. Decants water. Reduces corrosion in valves and turbos. Reduces breakdowns. Includes biocides.


PRESENTATION :           50-liters metal drums, pallets of 9 x 50 liters.

                                    200-liters metal drums, pallets of 4 x 200 liters.


The additive is manufactured, in correct proportions, based on the following active agents:



a) 6-8% Soluble Magnesium carboxylate / Magnesium Organic salts of Fatty acids (molecules-trade secret) soluble in hydrocarbons.

b) Dispersants, which  cause the uniform separation of particles of asphalts, coals and other solids which the fuel oil contains, minimizing sludge formation.

c) De-emulsioners, which accelerate the speed of separation of the water to the bottom of the storage tank, or the diesel oil tank of the vehicle, where it can be eliminated easily by bleeding the tank, or by the fuel filter centrifugal of the installation.

d) Surfactants, which  reduce the surface tension of the fuel and achieve better pulverisation (a key factor to achieve good combustion in any type of engine that works with liquid fuel).

e) Detergents, which  reduce the formation of coal deposits and flow loss in the injectors, and maintains an excellent pulverisation.

f) Biocides, which help maintaining the integrity of fuels, preventing the bacterial and fungal contamination in the storage tanks.

g) Corrosion inhibitors, which  protect the metal parts of the fuel circuits.

h) Organic solvents, which  work as an excipient to these active agents, in addition to collaborate actively in keeping the fuel circuits clean.



The addition must take place –in the case of vehicles– in the fuel tank before loading the diesel or –in case of large fuel storage tanks– simultaneously when loading it, in order to get a good homogeneous solution of the additive in the fuel.


   Dose for diesel oil B: 0.3-0.5 L / 1.000 L of diesel oil B.      



   Manufactured by "rb bertomeu" in Spain (European Union)

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