"rb  bertomeu"  becoBF  

Boiler and furnace diesel oil additive. Includes biocides.

Actions and benefits: additives for diesel oil

"rb bertomeu" becoDC

Power plant, marine and machinery diesel oil additive. Includes biocides.

"rb bertomeu" bewaxOB
Diesel oil antifreeze.

"rb bertomeu"  beco DC-Ship 

Intermediate Fuel Oil IFO additive. For Diesel engines.  Special  NONFLAMMABLE. Includes biocides.

General actions:

Fuel saving ˇ Reduction of emissions of CO and unburnt particles ˇ Decants water from diesel oil at the tanksˇ Continuous filter cleaning ˇ Injectors continuous cleaning ˇ Avoids carbon build up in burners ˇ Decreased corrosion in engines ˇ Decreased incrustations in boiler pipes ˇ Reduction of breakdowns ˇ Includes algaecides and biocides (except "bewax OB") · Anti-freezing action of "bewax OB"

rb bertomeu, SL. Manufacturer of additives for Heavy fuel oil and Crude oil.

Material Safety Data Sheets available for all the mentioned products

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